Bribing building owners to do a good thing but missing the point

I recently spent 8 hours at the NYARM Trade Show in NYC . I saw vendor after vendor come up and tell people how their product would save you money — followed by someone from an agency telling them how they would help pay for it.

I couldn’t stop thinking how wrong the whole approach was. Why would a building owner want to put in more technology for something like energy, where the rules change every 5 minutes? Plus, the government keeps us hopping around with regulation (local law 84, local law 87).

Fuel is not a commodity. It’s our lifeline. It powers our lives and threatens them. It enables the next great breakthroughs as it damages our planet. People like Mayor Bloomberg have put laws in place to make us behave in a way that saves us from ourselves (similar to his soda initiative–like it or not). Now, we are throwing money at energy efficiency.

But what if the policy changes tomorrow when a new mayor is in town? What if the cost of solar energy comes down? What happens when the new numbers on the ozone come out?

We hold oil producing countries hostage for their production, while they leverage our inability to control our usage with higher and higher prices.

We have to focus on this. We can’t leave it to just the people who use it. We can’t leave it to just building owners and property managers who have 45 other responsibilities

The only answer is to have energy managed by experts who have skin in the game. Experts who analyze the metrics in the cloud and take action on what they see in real time. Knowing why a problem happened after the fact is nice (like finding the black box on a airplane) but it would have been better if the problem never happened.

Energy runs 24 hours a day. People don’t. If you combine the always connected cloud with people who understand what the data means, we could just fix this thing.

If we don’t, we won’t be talking about energy efficiency. We will be asking ourselves if it’s Tuesday…..because that’s the only day you can fill up your car.

-Brian Klansky, Senior Vice President of Sales

The Green revolution ain’t happening no matter what law gets passed, Mayor Bloomberg!

“Everybody wants to save money and help the environment — how come it’s not happening?”


So, I was at MTA’s main bus terminal in Brooklyn today. We are working with them to lower their energy consumption and we were there to discuss the first phase of the project. I sat down, felt a breeze on my neck, looked over to the right and saw that the air conditioning was cranked. I knew at that moment, I made the right career decision to follow my passion, be part of the Energy & Environmental industries, and join US Energy Group to have a shot at making a difference. We were clearly going to be able to help the MTA – big time!

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